Basic Outline Of Discipline

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buy Pregabalin online next day delivery I have been reading Withhold Not Correction. The last time I read it was about 18 years ago.

Hargeysa The author lays out specifics on the actual way to discipline, very similar to the Lindvall article/audio we have in the articles area at cmomb’s forum, but then he gave a brief outline, which I thought helpful and easy to remember: These are the basic questions to be asked of the child to use this as a training moment.

What did you do? (specifically)

What does God say about this?

Was what you did right or wrong according to the Scriptures?

What happens when you disobey?

What must I do as a parent under God’s authority?

What ought you to do in the future?

We will, of course, have to adjust the details of such a discussion to suit the different ages and circumstances of our children, but the thrust of what we must say must be the same whether we are dealing with a child of fourteen months or fourteen years. Little children and big children, even grown children, must hear words that tell them why they are being disciplined by their parents, or by the Lord.


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