I Feel The Change!

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Yes! I’m feel’n it and it’s good!



http://avavolleyball.com/category/uncategorized/ It’s time for an update while I am working the introduction portion of the GAPS diet, a unique and effective plan to heal the gut. I have to say, the rumors I heard about this being the most difficult eating plan to follow, are for real. One cannot simply make a day trip into the city and pick up a quick meal somewhere. I had to purchase a decent thermos to carry my broth. I ended up finding something that looked like a 1970’s model, but really wanted to purchase a much nicer one that would hold more. I needed a better quality to keep the broth warm for hours, and not leak.



So, it’s my second week. I am on the GAPS intro. In simple terms, it means I don’t have a lot of food choices…. yet.

I have three autoimmune diseases: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Lichen Planus (this affects my tongue. I have white patches that I can literally feel when they are growing, moving, or changing and it prevents me from eating even slightly spicy foods), and autoimmune hives. I am noticing the affected area on my tongue is now half the size it has been and I am interested to see if it disappears, altogether!

Normally, when I am off my thyroid medication, or if I get periods of time that I am more not well, the glands in my neck swell. These glands have not swelled this entire time of being off my medication (the longest ever) and I look thinner in my neck, just under my chin. While I haven’t taken my prescription antihistamine on a regular basis since starting Low Dose Naltrexone some time ago, I find now that I haven’t take it at all!

Overall, I am feeling better, physically. I find that going out is difficult to deal with my eating, so I tend to not eat much at all. I prefer to remain at home so I can just get through this with as few difficulties as possible, since it is limiting. I am on stage 3 of 6 now.



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