GAPS, A Journey

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On Tuesday, August 15th, 2016 I began the  GAPS diet. I want to share this healing journey with you, in hopes it will be an encouragement. Be sure to subscribe to receive updates to my newest posts. MEDICATION

I chose to cease all my medications about a month before going on the plan, except one, which would be difficult to go off and go back on. After checking with my pharmacist, I could get the prescription adjusted so it would no longer contain fillers or milk products. I do not necessarily recommend that you stop your medications: Please consult your physician.


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I have experienced a LOT of detoxification in various forms. It has been causing a lot of stress on my system. Beside that, the other day we thought I was experiencing a mini stroke. I was dizzy, foggy in my brain, my speech was slurred, my blood pressure sky rocketed at the time and I nearly passed out, I had anxiety, turned red, and yet felt tired and my whole body tingled, which I had felt on and off for several days, so I thought it was a detoxing side effect.


After several hours, my husband decided he wanted me to go to the doctor’s office. Many of my symptoms continued. The doctor sent me directly to the emergency room, thinking I might be experiencing a mini stroke. They said I did NOT have a mini stroke, but there were several things that would cause me to lose blood flow to my brain. They checked my heart and blood to figure out what was going on. It was concluded that I was experiencing low blood sugar and some of the symptoms I was experiencing were not from GAPS, but I had been teetering on low blood sugar/passing out for several days.


Knowing what the problem is, I could fix that. I am now making sure I eat more often and eat foods that are higher in carbs. The older I get, the more I can know when my body is off a little. I can “feel” more, if you will.

On the good side, I am definitely feeling much better, already. I think I am through the heaviest detoxing and my body is just working on healing now.



GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome. I will try to touch on the link between the gut and the brain at a later date. The diet, which is really just eating real food without preservatives, coloring, or additives, is intended to heal the gut. After much reading, I found that autoimmune diseases begin in the gut and I have not one, not two, but three autoimmune diseases! It would be just amazing if I could actually cure my thyroid disease! Already, I have lost 3 pounds. I have not been able to lose weight  while putting a lot of effort and years of time into other plans. Those plans, however, were not intended to heal. Oh, and even though I am not on my thyroid medication, I am not experiencing thyroid disease symptoms. This is just amazing. I suppose it is possible that I could simply be experiencing a loss of fluids from inflammation. Either way, it is a good thing.

I will keep you updated on my journey. Be sure to subscribe to keep up to date!


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