How To Make Eggrolls

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Social This is either my sister-in-law’s (Fran) recipe or my mother-in-law’s. Eggrrolls!

Wuzhou March is the best time to make Eggrolls, as cabbage is on sale for St. Patrick’s Day. Cabbage is one of the most inexpensive vegetables and stores very well for several months.

Eggrolls are not difficult to make. Everyone sits at the kitchen table and island and wraps them. We do about 150 at a sitting and it takes my crew just about 15 minutes to wrap. I’ve never tried freezing them.

This is for a large group:

4 LARGE head cabbage, shredded or cut fine
1 BIG produce bag from the grocery store full of fresh bean sprouts (rinsed and chopped)
About 150 eggroll wraps (You might want to buy extra in case you get a hole and have to double wrap. Holes are caused by too much juice in the filling. See note below about straining.)
4-5 carrots, shredded
1-2 large onion(s), chopped
3 pounds of turkey burger or salad shrimp (YUM!). We usually use deer burger. I’m sure hamburger would be fine.
A good shake of garlic powder (can you tell I’m an eyeball cooker?)
Soy sauce to taste

Cook meat in large pot until done. Add vegetables and cook thoroughly. Place in colander so the juices can drain before wrapping.

Follow directions on package for wrapping. Even a 3yo can wrap successfully. Don’t let the egg rolls sit long after wrapping: Cook immediately, as they will become soggy on the bottom and get holes. Consider lining the pans with paper towels.

Deep fry in hot oil, turning so as not to burn. Remove from heat when there are no anemic spots and place in pan with paper towels for draining.

Do not layer the cooked egg rolls, unless divided by paper towel.

Dipping sauces:

We use the dry hot mustard from the grocery store and add water to a nice consistency.

We have a dish of ketchup with a bit of the mustard in it for a little zip. (See recipe below).

Sweet and sour sauce is another yummy dip. We make ours by using 1 can of gelled cranberry sauce (not the kind with cranberries in it), a tablespoon of brown sugar (or to taste), a teaspoon of lemon juice (optional)…depends on how acidy you like it. Cook over medium heat until cranberry has melted.

Sesame seeds are great to sprinkle on the dipping sauces, as well.


Oh yeah and if you have mixture left over, add to scrambled eggs. If you have wraps left over, try seasoning some cream cheese with onion and garlic and deep frying those. YUM! The juices that were strained out make for wonderful soup broth.

Here is the recipe to the red sauce we use.

1 cup ketchup
1/3 cup water
1 /4 cup sugar
2-3 tsp hot mustard sauce (or however hot you want it)
Mix well.




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  1. These look delicious and simple! Thanks for sharing in such great detail. Loved seeing all the photos too!


  2. This sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing. I think we will try this over easter. By the way, you have the same correlle dishes with green flowers that my Mom had when we were growing up! Made me feel right at home! LOL!

  3. OH.YUM! Do they mail well? ~smile~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  4. My Dad always made egg rolls while I was growing up – we used a much higher cabbage ratio though and they do freeze well – reheat in oven to get them crispy again, although I loved them just popped in the micro for a min or two – soft but still yummy.

    I haven’t made them in years because I hate the smell of all that oil as they cook – it never seems to leave the house. Maybe now that it is warm, I’ll do them outside in an electric fry pan.

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