When The Big Ones Are Away, The Littles Will Play

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http://hiperduct.ac.uk/?p=67 Those in our family, who are old enough to hunt (that’s 8 people), are gone this week. The “littles”, as I call the younger set of 5, and I are having a fun time of cleaning and playing in the snow. Well, for them, it’s been play. For mama, it’s been shoveling. We have about 6 inches so far and today it is snowing again.

http://busingers.ca/skippershell.php The snow is just beautiful as it sits heavy on the pine trees. The tall, dry grasses in our field stand tall with snow intertwined. The garden, looking sad and abandoned has taken on a new look of beauty. As I write this, three deer are in the garden. The kids are watching out the back, surmising that they are a mama, daddy, and baby deer. They are watching them dig for grass, coming up with their faces covered in snow. They have had several occasions to watch them jump over fences. How beautiful!

As I shoveled snow yesterday, Jayden (4) asked what would happen if he spit in the snow. Is this a boy thing, or what? Tess crafted a cute little snowman, hoping it would remain until the hunters returned home to see it.

We have a list of things “to do” a mile long. Well, that might be exaggerating, but just cleaning the pantry has taken several days, alone!!! The first task we tackled was the refrigerator. Rase stood inside it and wiped it down really well while I washed the shelves and Tessila (8) wiped them dry.

Rase (6) has been my little man, going around the kitchen with a screw driver, checking all the cupboard doors and tightening the ones that need tightening. We discovered one that was complete broken. He removed it for me and we took it to a shop to get replacement parts. He reinstalled the hardware for me!

It’s been interesting cooking for such a small crowd! I use small pots and pans.

The hunters called last night from Red Lodge. They had come down from the mountains to get propane, a meal, and check on parts for the heater, which stopped working in one of the trailers. I was so glad they called! We sure miss them! They said they had received about three feet of snow!!

I wish I had a digital camera so I could take before and after photos of the refrigerator and pantry! That’s all for now. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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