Hunting Camp Menu

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We are getting ready to send off our hunters. Here is the menu I have come up with:

Seal Beach Breakfast
Choice of the following:
Egg Muffin (English muffin, cheese, sausage, egg)
Egg casserole (shredded potato, bacon, egg, cheese)
Yogurt with granola

Majenang Lunch
Choice of the following:
Cup O Noodles
Meat sandwich
Cheese sticks and/or carrot sticks

1. Steaks and scalloped potatoes
2. Stew and biscuits
3. Hot dogs and chips
4. Hamburgers
5. Deer backstraps and cubed potatoes

“Emergency rations” (candy)

We will prepare most of the items ahead of time so they can simply be heated. The exceptions would be steaks and backstraps.


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  1. STEW?!?! The biscuits sounds good.

  2. Sounds like alot of fun.. Take plenty of pics for those of us not there!

  3. Sounds better than the slop Dennis fed me and Uncle Steve when we went elk hunting. Ackk, I’ve never had the runs so much in my life!!!

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