How Do I get That Gross Toilet Clean?

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Aurogra online order I have the answer! Don Aslett told me how!

Sungai Penuh Hydrogen chloride. Get out the Yellow Pages and search for the nearest janitorial supply store… or order from Don’s site. They carry this stuff and it’s Ankleshwar less expensive than other cleaners. You will want to be sure to pick up a special toilet brush for this product and a carrier, which will also fit the bottle. Ask someone there. They know. USE RUBBER GLOVES. This stuff is TOXIC and will hurt you!

buy Lyrica online australia I use this product when the toilets need a special cleaning…not each time. It will cut through EVERYTHING, even hard water stains.

buy neurontin online cod How to use it

Clean the toilet first and flush well, to rid of any remaining chemical. You know, you don’t want to mix chemicals. You might even clean the toilet one day and do this the next. Or clean the toilet in the am and do this much later in the day after the other chemical residue is gone.

Turn off the water in the back and flush again. The tank will not fill up because you turned off the water. Plunge out the water left in the bowl. Put on your rubber gloves. It’s okay, go ahead and use the kitchen gloves. I won’t tell anyone. Just PLEASE toss them when you are done, okay? I’d feel much better! Just plunge, plunge, plunge until it’s nearly empty.

Squirt the Hydrogen Chloride under the rim and around the bowl. Let it sit for a couple minutes then use your special brush to wipe away. Wow! You won’t believe how easy this is! No scrubbing! The yuck just falls off!

To clean the top of the rim, I squirt a *little* on the bad parts. DO NOT GET THIS STUFF ON METAL OR GROUT. IT WILL EAT IT AWAY.  It must only stay on the porcelain. Trust me, your husband would not be very happy about this if you ate away at the grout around the bottom of the toilet. Oh yeah, it will eat your carpeting, too. Did I mention how dangerous it is to work with this stuff?

Since you have those rubber gloves on, you might prefer to squirt a little of the stuff on some tp and rub it on the rim, instead, so you can be sure it won’t drip down the side. I prefer to live daringly on the edge, I guess. (no pun intended)

With the little brush, press it on the side of the bowl and twist a little so you can wring it out without touching it before putting it in the little caddy. Don’t let it drip on the floor.

When you are done and you are certain the rim is dry, turn the water on in the back and let the tank fill up. Flush a couple times. Your toilet now appears like new! I kid you not! It’s amazing! Put everything away, throw away those gloves, stand back and just look at how that toilet glistens…just like this fellas teeth —–> biggrin.gif

Maybe I should have titled this, “how to impress your friends and neighbors”

Now, for your viewing pleasure, a video from the Aslett site that shows how to do this. It varies only slightly from what I just shared.


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