Comments Fixed

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After not receiving a single comment yesterday on how beautiful my new daughter is, I realized my comment area was not working. My lovely webmistress believes the problem is fixed now, so comment away! Oh, oh, oh! She also added … Continued

We’s Been Busy

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I am sure that a few of you have wondered if I dropped off the planet. No, I am here. We’ve had a busy April and May. My brief post in April is here. During May, we have put the … Continued

How Good Is Your Perception

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Would love to hear your feedback after you watch this video: Click here to view Sorry for the odd way of showing this video. I can’t get my uploader to work properly. Video: Men In The Kitchen

I Am Honored

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My friend over at Evening Shade Morning Latte bestowed the sweetest friend award to me! I am honored and humbled. This is the only award I have received. Wow. I am going to copy and past the rules from her … Continued

How To make Egg Rolls

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This is either my sister-in-law’s (Fran) recipe or my mother-in-law’s. March is the best time to make Eggrolls, as cabbage is on sale for St. Patrick’s Day. Cabbage is one of the most inexpensive vegetables and stores very well for … Continued

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