The Life and Times of Coffee In The McLean Household

The Life and Times of Coffee In The McLean Household


dreamingly Three years old seems early to be introduced to coffee, but to some, it’s not. My mother and I often sat and enjoyed tea or coffee together. Growing up, we didn’t have a coffee pot, so we drank instant, which I actually still like, but RARELY have that. Since we have roasted coffee beans, and tried many, many kinds (Weekend morning tastings were a lot of fun for the family), we also tried many different ways to prepare the coffee.

Myriad of Coffee Makers

buy Latuda online without dr approval Our favorite way is probably french press. Our camp/hunting coffee pot is a large, stainless steel, insulated French press. My husband, and one of my sons’ travel mugs are french press, as well. However, we have mainly used a regular drip pot at home for the sake of speed.

One of my sons uses a Vietnamese coffee maker that drips right in to his mug. He makes the best cold coffee drinks. My husband was introduced to this drink many years ago, when a co-worker took him to a Vietnamese restaurant. It’s actually mixed with sweetened, condensed milk. We use honey and cream now.

When we held a “home church” in our home, we used a large commercial coffee maker like you would see at church. That was great for a large group.

Once more of our kids were turning 18 (our magic number), and more and more were partaking, we moved from a regular single pot to one of these babies…

If the need came upon us, we could serve regular coffee on one side and decaf on the other. Ha ha! It never happened. Just full on “regular” on both sides for us. No “unleaded,” but that was a funny thought.

After several years, one side wasn’t working so well, so my mother-in-law gave us a Bunn for Christmas. It makes a full pot in 2 minutes! You can set it up, go to the bathroom, and by the time you come back, it’s ready. Wha la! It’s so nice, and even after six months, it still amazes me how fast it is.

When actually making coffee, we often blend coffees. If we aren’t cooking our own, which is a blend from Vietnam, we usually grind Organic San Francisco Bay and mix it with a pre-ground coffee, but I don’t recall what it is.

What Goes Inside

My routine usually starts with one cup in the morning and ends with one in the afternoon, but not always. There are just some cold, dreary days, when another cup fits so well! I used to drink a whole pot in a day, but no more.  I have always used some kind of creamer, except for when I started the GAPS diet. Now, I use real cream and a little collagen. The collagen makes my skin so soft!

In the afternoon, I like to add a tablespoon of raw honey and sometimes, I add a teaspoon of home made vanilla. My daughter loves making whipped cream to add to the top for a special touch.

What’s your coffee history? Do you drink coffee? How do you like it prepared? How much do you drink in a given day? Leave your response in the comment section. I love hearing from you!


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