Herb Gardening

Herb Gardening

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Clockwise from top: C. Zeolights, Chamomile, C. Resina

no prescription Seroquel  My first attempt at herb gardening was about 5 years ago. We had just had some horse manure put on our garden. Unfortunately, it was still a bit hot, so none of my herbs came up.

order isotretinoin online My second attempt at herb gardening was this year. We were excited to be gardening again after so many years of not being able to due to busy-ness and moving/renting. With the new place we are living, and all the water here, I was able to have my own herb garden separate from the vegetable garden.  I planted German Chamomile, Soapwort, Calendula Zeolights, and Calendula Resina.

 My plants were a little slow to pop up. I direct sowed them in mid May. Since our first snow that was mid September, they have all, except the Soapwort, really thrived. We have had a lot of warm weather too, but the cold snaps have really encouraged the plants. I have been drying my harvest in the dehydrator. Barely any Soapwort came up. 3 seeds sprouted in the planter I had set in my garden, and one seed sprouted in the ground. They are all about 4 inches tall.

What have I learned from this years planting?

  1. Move the location of my herb garden. It is currently located right next to the ditch that the sewer just so happens to run off into in the middle of the summer. It gives off a rather… unpleasant smell that Chamomile just doesn’t quite cover up.
  2. Plant more. I ended up having not quite as much plants as I wanted, consequently, not as much harvest as I wanted.
  3. If I don’t want an ‘ugly’ garden, need to have more time spent with upkeep.

Next year, hopefully, I will not be as busy away from my garden so that I can spend a little more time with it. I also plan on doing much more variety and being a little more extravagant. I will also try different drying methods. I have yet to decide the new location. 😉

I bought my seeds from Southern Exposure. I really like the variety of seeds they have in organic. Their catalog is beautiful. The biggest downfall in my opinion is their seed packaging. The only seed specific information they have is the name and little bit of info like a date, lot number, how many grams it is, and a percentage (I am guessing the germination percentage?) printed on the front. Otherwise, the planting instructions are very generic and they do not have a picture of the seedling, which when you have plenty of weeds is quite helpful if you have never planted that specific seed. Overall, I would definitely buy from them again. Their service was as would be expected. The seeds got to us on time.  Nothing was amiss.


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