Outline For Planning A Party

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  1. Choose a location
  2. Choose a date
  3. Make sure the date works with the location
  4. Select a theme or colors
  5. Prepare guest list and gather mailing addresses
  6. Plan refreshments and how much will be needed
  7. Determine activities
  8. Mail invitations with appropriate RSVP date
  9. Shop for needed items
  10. Bake or prepare refreshments
  11. Clean house if the party is in your home
  12. Decorate and set out refreshments
  13. Prepare activities
  14. Change clothes
  15. Greet company
  16. Have fun!

sound Don’t forget to delegate!


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  1. Thanks for posting this! We have a lot of birthdays close together in our family, not counting other parties through-out the year. This will certainly be a great help! Thank you!



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