Homeschooling: Throwing In The Towel?


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cytotec generic sale We recently added a new baby to the family and I can’t keep up with kids, homeschool and the house. I am about ready to throw in the towel and send the kids to public school.


When I was about at your place, we realized some things needed to change. These are what helped us. Your mileage may vary.

  • Changed homeschool curriculum so my time wasn’t spent, exhaustively, continually, helping. We switched from Bob Jones to SOS
  • We incorporated MOTH scheduling into our lives. This is coming from someone who has never been a schedule person. I find it flexible.
  • We evaluated what the kids were doing to carry a lot of the load and made sure that they were all being trained as per their level of ability for chores.
  • We reevaluated to be sure us parents were diligent to discipline the children (mostly me!).
  • We got rid of a lot of toys and clutter.
  • We reevaluated what activities we were doing and how/where we were spending our time. We had been busy with a lot of activities and realized we needed to focus on being a family unit. Going out all the time caused a lot of stress involving clean clothes, chores being done, meals prepared, just everything.

I know there was more, but that is just what I could think of first. I hope you and your husband communicate a lot.

Oh… and another thing… this is really a short season in your life. Enjoy your children and hold those babies. You may also gain something from this post.


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  1. Charity

    I am a homeschooled freshman, and I would just like to say to never give up and just send your children to a public/christain school. Keep up the good fight and in all you do glorify God!
    In Christ,

  2. Art Vanderlay

    Excuse me for asking, but how does getting rid of the children’s toys give you more time?

  3. This is great advice Ruth. There are seasons when we are in a transition and the Father has something more for us. I have found that sometimes he will allow us to feel out of sorts. That meant it was time to look around, as you said, and see what change was needed in my life. This meant that either something in the way I was doing – or not doing – needed a change.

    You have a great list! Staying home – me and our children – from outside activities, involving our children more in family and around-home activities, and getting rid of clutter – stuff- especially toys, was a great help to us.
    For us, home schooling was never an option to get rid of. Change what we were doing, yes, but not stop home schooling altogether. To us, it is life, and not just something we do as an alternative. It is the only answer for our family to training and teaching our children.

    I am also TOTALLY in agreement with your last statement. Sometimes the days may seem to drag on… but the season is so short. Hold them and enjoy this time. It will bring fond memories and tie heartstrings for their older years when they will need you so much.

    blessings friend~

  4. I think another point (which seems kind of counter-intuitive) is to take a step back. When you feel overwhelmed, the tendency is to do more, trying to catch up. Really it is a symptom of needing to step back, reassess what you are doing and how and make a plan.

    Especially with a new baby. I’d take a break, check out a bunch of books (great literature and nonfiction books your others would be interested in) and read to them while nursing. Encourage them to write a story or draw you a picture while you’re doing dishes and practice some math facts while folding laundry.

    There are other lessons they’re learning right now that are every bit as important as what your curriculum says they should be learning, but that can only be taught now, with the baby in your arms.

  5. Hi Art;

    Getting rid of toys and clutter makes less mess, less fuss. It can make your home more peaceful to have less. Simplicity.

    Good question! Thank you for asking!

  6. Dana;

    I appreciate your input. You have echoed someone at Facebook with the idea of stepping back. I do think that is wise.

  7. You mentioned that you switched to SOS. Can I ask you honest opinion in that curriculum. I am referring more to the quality of education that it gives. My email addy says familyof5 but we are now a family of 6. I feel the challenge to get everything done in a days time. I have been considering SOS to save time with grading and record keeping. But had concerns about the quality. I would love your input in this area. My oldest is 14 so if you have an opinion on the high grades as well as the younger that would be helpful too. Thank you so much! ~~Leisa

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