Humorous Story From 2005


irretrievably Two of my “big boys” are working at a new neighbor’s home. It is a very large log home (about 6,000 sq. ft.) sanding the entire thing and staining it. They had heard good reports about our boys from other neighbors, so offered them a VERY well-paying job.

buy priligy in usa I take them and pick them up. Although they are only 3 doors down, it’s about a half a mile. Here’s some of the discussion they reported to me as of late. We all found it quite humorous, similar to what my older son experienced at his place of work:

problems with buying Misoprostol without rx Last week, their [adult] son moved back home. He is helping with the sanding, as are the woman and the the man of the house. The woman is QUITE A CHARACTER. Today, the son finds out we don’t have a tv. “You mean, you have NEVER watched a video IN YOUR LIFE?” ohmy.gif

My son, Joe, says, “Well, I did see a short one in hunter’s safety class.”

“Yeah,” he replies, “but that’s EDUCAAATIONAL”

So he asks, “have you seen Star Wars?”

“No, but we have the book.”

“Have you seen JRR Tolken’s stuff?”

“No, but we have his books.”

“How about CS Lewis?”

“No, but we have his books and I’ve heard audio tapes.”

“AHA!” He exclaims, “So you ARE lazy!” So he asks, “Do you play VIDEO GAMES?”


The son tells my boys that he has over 300 dvd’s. He said, “I’ll find you a “good” one to watch.” Then he turns to his mom and says, “Mom, which dvd should I show the boys?” to which she replies, “Remember, they aren’t allowed in the house.”

He says, “I’ll bring the tv out here!”

So the woman says to the boys, “I was thinking of your poor mom and how much work kids are with all that cooking and cleaning.”

My son, Joe says to her, “Oh, my sister cooks all the dinners and we take turns with lunches.”

“Oh, but the dishes!” She exclaimed.

“We have assigned chores.”

Evidently, she wasn’t going to be happy with any answer he gave because the next thing she says is, “When I was growing up, we had a neighbor that had 16 kids! They were treated like SLAVES! They never played with us. Well, ONCE, they played with us.

Joe told me he set her straight. But then she asks him, because she and the husband argue all the time, “Do your parents ever fight?”


“You mean they NEVER fight?”

“Not that I know of,” Joe replies.

Joe said that she laid down the law to her husband NOT to curse in front of my boys. She keeps scolding her son when he cusses and yet, SHE does it! “OOPS! Don’t tell your mother! That’s the ONLY one I say.”

Yesterday, when I picked them up, they told me the last thing she said to them as they said good bye was, “Remember, don’t tell your mother ~wink~”


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