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Social We are going to Oregon again in October. That means we have to cross Montana, Idaho, we drive through Washington and are headed to the Oregon coast for a reunion. We will be playing our music at the reunion and are looking for places to play on our way back. You may recall we do not charge, nor do we ask for donations. Our music style is eclectic and we enjoy can accommodate any type of audience. We also have our own set, which includes originals not on our cd that we hope to put in our next one, Lord willing.

Soooooo, if you are up to seeing me and my family, and think your fellowship or group or party might enjoy having us, please send me an email on my brand new, fancy schmancy contact page. We have promotional material for you, as well. You can hear us here.

It would great to meet up with some of you!


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  1. awww…. that is the wrong direction! We would love to have you here… even if it’s not for a party!
    Anyway, have a good time at the reunion.

    blessings to you all~
    (so glad I can comment now!) 😉

  2. Laura Juarez

    Have a wonderful trip!

    From a fellow Lounge sister, Laura

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