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buy Latuda for pets I am so excited to share our big news! Our second son, third child, is now engaged to the sweetest young lady! And look, I have a few photos for ya!

First, the couple!

So now you can see what a sweet gal she is

and what a clown I have for a son. ~grin~


Ahhh! This one’s a bit cuter. Don’t you think?


The ring!


Okay, so she took it of for just a *minute*. It was for the picture. It was for you.

She put it back on. Don’t worry.  Breath a sight of relief now.


Now, with my new daughter-in-law’s permission, I get to share with you  something she wrote up to share about how they got together.

Did I mention their names? Forgive me! My son is Joseph and the young lady is Kathryn, otherwise known as Joe and Katie.

Without further delay:

Joe and Katie’s Story by Katie

Some of you have been asking about how Joe and I met. Joe and I met two years ago at our mutual friends’ house and later God provided ways for our families to get together and I got to know his sisters. After that, Dad and Joe got together for lunch on a weekly basis for several months. It was a good time for Dad to get to know Joe and for Joe to get to know Dad because they were able to talk freely about their beliefs. These are some points that I’ve kept in mind and that I believe are very important in relationships.

I believe that dating is dangerous because it encourages a false sense of feelings. In dating, there is a greater chance of getting physical before the proper time. Also, when people date, there is no real commitment to each other. People sometimes will date several different people before they marry anyone and by then, they’ve given a little bit of their heart away each time.

I believe that God’s timing is always perfect. When we give ourselves and our relationships to God, He will bring things to pass when it’s best. It is important to always give everything to God, not just in relationships, but in all of life. When we give something to Him that maybe we really want, He will bless that. He will either give it back to you, or He will give you something far better! God knows what is best.

God’s hand has been so evident in my relationship with Joe! He knew just when for us to take each little step. After each step, I would pray that if this wasn’t God’s will, that He would end it right there, and He never did! He continued to open doors and we continued to go through them.

It is very important before even considering someone, to make sure that they are a believer. If they aren’t it causes so much pain and trouble in the long run. 2 Corinthians 6:14

I also believe that parents need to be involved. Joe first went to his Dad before he went to my Dad. Everything we have done has been with our parents’ permission and approval. Parents have so much wisdom and God has placed them over us to train us and guide us. They see things that we don’t, so if they say, no this isn’t a good thing, we need to listen to them and trust them. Proverbs 23:22, 24

One thing that our culture doesn’t seem to understand, is that love is not a feeling. It’s a decision. There are times when we don’t feel love for people, but we must love them anyway. I believe that we must be able to think rationally before we allow feelings to come out. In dating, I think feelings become involved so soon that people are unable to see what the other person is really like. Dad and Joe were able to talk about things and think rationally before feelings came into the picture.

I also think that getting physical too soon is very dangerous. Even something as “innocent” as holding hands, if done too soon can cause problems. It can cause feelings (there they are again!) to show themselves.

Most importantly, I think that in everything we do, our ultimate goal should be to glorify God. If we seek to do things for our own glory or if we do what we want, when we want instead of in God’s timing, he can’t bless that. I have prayed through this whole process that God would be glorified in all that we say and do.

“Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12

Rejoice with us!


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  1. MamaLynn

    Congratulations!! They are a beautiful couple!

  2. I tried to post on this but alas I gave up…I didn’t know if it were blogger or me that was having problems *grin*

    She is so beautiful! I am so happy for your family. This is awesome. Looking forward to seeing many more family photos.

    ~Mrs. M

  3. Yes Ruth, she is a beautiful young lady. Not just her looks but her heart to. They are both very lucky to have each other. God be the glory.

  4. Scott Rotrock

    Wow! Little Joe engaged! Diane sent me this link – Awesome story, it is neat to hear about young couples that gets started off with the right perspective… a Godly one! Congrats you guys, may God bless your marriage!

    In Christ,

    Scott, Becky & Hunter Rotrock

  5. Congratulations to the happy couple and to you guys on your new addition to the family! Blessings!

  6. Congrats!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations to Joe and Katie, Ruth! They’re a lovely couple, and I love Katie’s story of how their relationship unfolded. Best wishes to them!

  8. I love this. I already saw the photos, but they are so fun to look at! 😉

    I told Amanda the other day I was thinking of emailing and asking you about it too. Thank you and to Katie for posting this. I also loved to hear her wise opinions as a young lady on relationships and dating.

    We have not yet gone through this door, but we have been praying for many many years for the times it does happen.

    Thank you again. What a blessing.
    I am sure they will be a wonderful couple in the Lord, and may the Father bless them in their walk.

    blessings to you and CONGRATS to all!!

  9. Congratualtions! Though my husband and I dated before marriage, we now realize a better way through biblical courtship. We plan to lead our children through it. I love reading examples of people walking gracefully through courtship. It shows those of us desiring to go down that path how it should work. Thanks for sharing.

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