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We are going to do a garden this year! I am so excited! I love going out to the garden in the quiet of the morning to weed and pray. Okay, I do love the vegetables, too!

Someone asked me how much we were going to plant this year. I said, “as much as Dennis will let me!”

This past week, I went to a few stores and found all the seeds I wanted to plant, less corn. I buy my corn at a farm seed store because I can purchase a large amount in bulk.

Today, Elizabeth and I sat down, sorted the packages, and wrote down on the calendar what needs to be started in pete pots when.  The list is as follows:

March 23rd: Spearmint

April 6th: All the peppers (sweet and hot),  roma tomatoes

April 20th: Jelly bean tomatoes, cabbage, honeydew

April 27th Early Girl tomatoes

Our goal plant dates will be the first week of June. If they don’t all get in then, that’s okay. I will share later what else we will be adding. Elizabeth wanted to do some herbs and some of the other girls wanted to do flowers. What fun!


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  1. Well, it seems it deleted my other longer comment, so I will simply have to write another one then copy it after writing it so it won’t be deleted again. I hate it when it does that. 🙁

    This was a reminder that I need to go and sit down with Momma and finish planning out our garden for this year.

    I want to grow tons more tomatoes and peppers (HOT!) to can. We buy organic canned tomatoes at the store every week but nothing beats pureeing your own home-grown ones and using them to make your own sauce with.

    I am planning on growing my own herbs, drying them out during the summer then using them during the winter, maybe even bringing some of the plants inside for the winter. I have wanted to do some herbs for a while, but never got to do it. Hopefully this year I will be able to.

    Momma has two flower gardens up by the house I intend to tend to this year. (not that I didn’t before, but I will moreso this year).

    I will also be planting some ‘help’ flowers in the garden to help with the pests, like sunflowers, marigolds and another one I think. Ever done that before? We did a couple summers ago and the sunflowers grew over six feet tall. Beautiful they were. 🙂

    Well, I’d best go. Will you tell the girls I said hi? 🙂


  2. I forgot to type “up” so I lost everything. So here I go again lol.
    Oh how I miss my garden. I wish I had one again. I plan on having an herb garden at lest. I think if I don’t get my hands in some dirt, I will go crazy lol.
    Wish you luck with yours. Eat a fresh tomato for me will you?

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