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Since we make up our menu for a whole month (Middle of one month to the middle of another month), I thought it would be more expeditious to share our menu all at once, instead of weekly, which I am terrible about posting, anyway.

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15th through the 21st
Sunday – Chili
Monday – Spaghetti
Tuesday -Potato bake with fried eggs
Wednesday – Nachos or burritos
Thursday – Cabbage soup
Friday – Home made pizza
Saturday – Krab bagels

22nd through the 28th
Sunday – Deer roast dinner
Monday – Spaghetti
Tuesday – Chili
Wednesday – Lasagna
Thursday – Home made pizza
Friday – Cabbage soup
Saturday – Leftovers March

1st through the 7th
Sunday – Mashed potatoes with meat gravy
Monday – Chili
Tuesday – Spaghetti
Wednesday – Turkey quesadillas
Thursday – Nachos or burritos
Friday – Turkey soup
Saturday – Home made pizza

8th through the 14th
Sunday – Egg burritos
Monday – Leftovers
Tuesday – Chili
Wednesday – Cabbage Soup
Thursday – Pancakes
Friday – Enchiladas
Saturday (This is Pi Day!) – Turkey pot pie and several kinds of pie for dessert

Some of these meals may change or be swapped, if necessary.


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  1. Thank you for posting this, Ruth! I need to get back to menu planning one month at a time. Such a time and money saver!

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