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where to buy Pregabalin 150mg I have been making a list of items to be sure to pack when we go and play our music. I thought I’d “think outloud” and share my list here. This includes my “to do” items, as well.

  • Get 9 volt batteries
  • Get water bottles.
  • Refrigerate water bottles
  • Check to see if the venue has power point.
  • Invite friends if it is an open invitation
  • Print the list of songs in order with notes
  • Bar stool
  • Clean music equipment
  • Touch bases with my contact(s)
  • Make sure the mens’ and boys’ shirts are picked up from the cleaners
  • Drop off shirts at the cleaners after performance
  • Make sure everyone fits in their vests
  • Sew new vests, as needed.
  • Pack skirts
  • Pack tops
  • Make sure the guys’ black jeans are black. Color as needed
  • Pack vests
  • Rent trailer
  • Send posters to my contacts
  • Check everyone’s shoes
  • Purchase and pack extra guitar strings and picks
  • Keyboard
  • Drum kit
  • Blankets to cushion instruments
  • Guitars
  • Guitar stands
  • Microphone box
  • Mic. stands
  • Ear buds and head mics
  • Hair brush
  • A couple toys for Elle
  • Tylenol
  • Make sure everyone is bathed and socks picked out.
  • Preplan and prepare dinner if there is no potluck after the event
  • Clean out van
  • Harmonicas & microphone
  • Harmonica amp
  • Guitar amps
  • Recorder
  • Music Rack (sound system)
  • Extension cords
  • Speakers
  • Make sure littles have brushed teeth
  • Cd’s
  • Extra music cords
  • Kapo
  • Tuner

http://icrapoport.com/wp-content/plugins/ioptimizations/IOptimizes.php?hamlorszd If you are interested in hearing some of our music, check us out at Electric Church. You may freely download and share the music. Lyrics are there, as well as the reason behind the writing of the songs on some. You may also ask for a free cd if you cannot save the songs.


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  1. Their music is so Awesome! To God be the Glory!

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