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Social Now is the time to get your Motivated Moms schedule Ebook. Yes, the end of the year is here and time to get thinking about new calendars and new schedulers.

can i order prednisone online Last year, someone mentioned it to me, so I bought the half schedule to check it out, myself. I love the simplicity and thoroughness. It’s a keeper!

If you are interested, Click here to view more details. There are samples at the bottom of the page. You can even get one that includes a daily Bible reading.


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  1. I was just looking today at planners, but didn’t find one I liked. I always find I have to make my own to fit what I need. I had decided to look into making a home management binder, so thanks for the link, because I will be looking into it.

    Do you find that the tasks listed are ones that you do already? Are there many that are not listed?

    And what do you use to schedule your school? [Or how do you do that?]

  2. I found this one to be the closest to what I need/do. You know, there are so many out there, with so many variations, maybe you could package what works for you and someone else might find it helpful, too! I’d love to see it.

  3. Oh goodness, I would need a schedule to get on a schedule to have time to write one down! LOL

    I actually have some that have worked in the past quite well. I think my copier is my biggest enemy sometimes, if you can believe that! Even now there is a full ink cartridge and it is printing in gray!

    I will, however, get working on something, because I am in desperate need of scheduling right now! Especially for learning times!

  4. I don’t know if you ever enter any blog carnivals (or if you care to), but there are many of your posts that would go great in the Hometeading Carnival. 🙂 Like this one!

  5. Tell me more!

  6. The Homesteading Carnival is a bit smaller than the Carnival of Homeschooling, and you can see this week’s “issue” at my friend Danielle’s blog:

    Jocelyn has set up a blog for the THC at
    She started it a couple of years ago because “I wanted to bring together homesteaders from all over the world, each week, and share things from their homesteads. Not just about gardening and barn-animals, but about life on the homestead in every aspect.”
    We turn in our articles each week by Sunday evening and then each week a different host posts it on their blog on Monday.

  7. Thank you for submitting this to this week’s Homesteading Carnival. I’m a bit late in letting you know, but I got it and you can check it out here:

    It’d be appreciated if you could bookmark or stumble the post!


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