Statistics of A Large Family

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Pรณvoa de Santa Iria McLean Trivia. A list of things you ever wondered, but were afraid to ask!

  • The most common eye color is hazel
  • Three people have blue eyes: Mom, Abby and Elle
  • It takes AT LEAST 15 pounds of potatoes for one meal
  • There are four months out of each year that one of the McLean’s are NOT celebrating a birthday.
  • We have not had a television in our home since 1988, which means that only one child has actually watched a television show. That would be the oldest, of course.
  • There is only one left hander in the family, so far.
  • There are 2 sets of children that share birth dates: The twins, and Anne (21) & Joe (18).
  • The approximate number of socks we need in our home is 98 pair.
  • We go through a dishwasher on an average every 2 years.
  • 8/14 of the family are Oregonians, 5/14 of the family are Montanans and 1/14 is a Washintonian.
  • The closest in age, not including the twins, are Joe and Ben (14 months). Otherwise, the twins are 40 minutes apart.
  • Dennis and Ruth came from “small” families of 4 and 5, respectively.
  • It takes 3 girls to keep up on the dishes.
  • We fill 3 large deep freezers after hunting.
  • If given the opportunity, we would drink 2 gallons of milk at one meal… or with a triple batch of chocolate chip cookies
  • If we ate cold cereal for breakfast, we would consume 4 boxes.
  • It is not uncommon for us to purchase 15 dozen eggs for 2 weeks. Sometimes we run out.
  • We consume one and a half gallons of chili at one meal
  • Our van is our hunting rig
  • We go through 36 rolls of toilet paper every 2 weeks

And there you have it! If I’ve missed anything, don’t be afraid to ask!


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  1. Oh my goodness! I love this!

    Very convicting about the television. My husband grew up without one and every once in a while we put ours away but it always seems to come back out again. Maybe we should just get rid of it once and for all…

    Thank you for sharing your fun stats.

  2. How fun! I so enjoyed reading these! It is so fun to get to know another large family and what they do! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have hazel eyes too! That is a lot of potatoes! I buy 20 pounds for the whole week! There are only four months in the year that we don’t have birthdays either! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your dishwasher sounds like ours. We had to buy new ones about every 2 years too. And vacuums. We have had to buy quite a few vacuums because we just use ours too much!

    Man! it was so fun to read about you and yours! Thanks for sharing!
    Prayers and Blessings,
    Miss Amanda

  3. Haha, those were fun to read! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s fun living a big family huh? hehee…

    I’ve also added you to my blogroll and will add your icon to my blog ads.


  4. Ahhh… that makes sense now. Our dishwasher has gone through 2 motors in 4 years. Currently we are doing them by hand until we save enough for another motor. But I’ve got a small family… only 5 kids. LOL I run it twice a day. My repair man said, “Well — you know… some families only run it twice a week.” HA HA HAAa.. really?

    So — do you have a place where you buy your socks in bulk? I’ve taken to buying them at COSTCO… less expensive than Wal-Mart.

  5. I don’t buy in bulk, actually. My older men folk here prefer to each have their own style/color so as to discern between them. I suggested that we just buy one size and one color and just share around, but that was nixed.

    We buy socks for everyone else and immediately write their initial on the bottom with an indelible marker.

  6. I have 3 boys… so I put 1 dot on the first, 2 dots on the 2nd and 3 dots on the third’s “things” to keep them straight. LOL When they pass stuff down, I can just add 1 more dot and it’s theirs.

  7. You actually hand things down from boy to boy? I’m impressed!

    I’ve heard of that system before. Makes it nice for young ones to sort the laundry.

  8. WOW!! There is stuff here that even I didn’t know, and I’m family LOL.
    This has been a great place to visit.

  9. Just found your blog from Money Saving Mom’s blog, and loved reading about your family! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. From: Jane Ann, the mom of large family from Arkansas. I enjoyed your children’s videos and the statistics of a large family, we have nine, and none are twins. I understand food supply and toilet paper are necessities!

  11. WOW! I thought our family used a lot of eggs, potatoes and milk…we go through about 10 gallons of milk a week, and that’s with only allowing them to have milk with 1 meal a day…and we do go through about 2-3 boxes of cereal at breakfast.

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