My Mom’s Memoirs Part 7


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El Khroub Dearest Children,

I have not much in the way of goods to will you but I have definite
ideals I will you. I am such an imperfect human that I do not know
if these ideals are being conveyed to you as I hope to have done. But
I can only pray and try. Here they are —

1. A love of God and closeness to help through prayer.
2. A love of the Bible and its use to help.
3. A love of the church and an active, helpful participation in it.
4. An attitude of understanding, courtesy, love, and helpfulness
toward others.
5. An appreciation that things are not so important.
6. A love of good art and music and creative expression.
7. A love of books and reading.
8. An appreciation of the better cultural products, and an attitude
of selectivity in regards to TV, radio, books, etc. you ingest.
9. A sense of humor that will save you in times of depression or
crucial moments.
10. Ability to be creative and of a creative mind.
11. Self discipline.
12. And furthermore, the inculcating of your children with these ideals which would presume another of my wishes for you – that you know how to choose a good mate.

I feel these so strongly that I have deliberately tried to promote these. In some, I am weak and your father helps me teach you these. But my constant prayer is that you will grow up to be fine adults who will contribute to the ongoing good of the world. I try to contribute to this ongoing good by trying to vote intelligently, trying to read up on issues so that through conversations, I can contribute true knowledge, working in the church and contributing a tithe to it, working with the school and taking an interest in it, belonging to organizations that further peace and having international students as friends, trying to help others like reading to a blind lady or helping a new mother. But all of these are small contributions compared with my investment in you, and so I will you all I can. If my imperfection can make this will tangible, it will be more valuable than a will of money. God help it be so.


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