My Mom’s Memoirs Part 1


Several years ago, I shared these. I discovered them in one of several notebooks my mother, now deceased, had typed up for me, my sister, and my brother when we were little so that after she was gone (she was very ill), we would have something from her heart. Little did she know that my brother would be the first to go. My mom did leave us, but she also left this treasure for us. I hope you can find some pleasure from these, as well.

It might be worth noting: My mom was an awesome example of a godly wife. She suffered from depression due to medications she was taking. My sister is 10 years older than I and my brother was 7 years older. She began writing these before I and my brother were born and completed them when I was a toddler.

Dearest Children:

As one grows older, one knows a deep warm security of love. A kiss is not needed. The simple routines shout love. The presence across the table, the compliment on dinner, a fleeting touch of the hand, conversation about the children, a gentle teasing all are ordinary things devoid of electric and passionate excitement but richly full of the certainty of love. When Glenn is gone, I plan dinner. I know what he likes. That becomes my silent gift to him. Some days I feel taller and poised and almost queen-like in the joy of you and your father. Most days are busy ordinary days. But some days, joy wells up and I feel your father’s presence ing after him when he leaves. His love is strong and undergirding to my day. Actually, this undergirding is also present, though less spectacularly, on ordinary days, too. I know how love can transcend.

Since being at the hospital, I know even more certainly what I want most for you. I want you to love God and have God as your personal friend most of all. Then, of course, I want you to be thoughtful and understanding next. I want for you to have an appreciation for fine music, art, knowledge, literature. I want these for you with all the wanting in me. All my thoughts are toward this end.

I told you the other night, and will tell it again and again, my criteria for a husband.

1. He must love God above all else.
2. He must love people and be understanding.
3. He must love children.
4. He must respect good art, music, literature, etc.

I hope this criteria will be yours in choosing a mate. It served me well and I am satisfied.

Lord bless your fruitful day as you serve your family!


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  1. I’ve been keeping a journal for both of my girls. I mainly write about what we did for the day or the changes in their lives. This letter from your mother inspires me to write more from the heart.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your mom is the definition of a Godly woman. Thats awesome and very thoughtful. i wish every woman can leave such legacy for their kids

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