You Know You Are A Large Family When…

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Kotamangalam You know you are a large family when …

  • People mistake your oldest daughter as the mother when they don’t see you.
  • Changing diapers, baths and clothes is like an assembly line.
  • The family quits drawing names for Christmas because your family ends up doing everyone elses’ family and some of your own.
  • You dream of a minivan as being an economical run-around car.
  • Ten pounds of potatoes isn’t enough for a meal.
  • At the grocery store, people think your pile of groceries are for a month, when in fact, they are for 3 days.
  • No one will let you rent from them.
  • You go through 25 pounds of flour each week.
  • You go somewhere with half the kids and folks still think you have a large family.
  • Your younger children have never been to a restaurant $$$
  • Your soup pots resembles vats.
  • You don’t take samples at Costco, because you’d clean them out.
  • The whole family can’t participate in a board game because it calls for “between 4-6 players”.
  • You take up an entire pew…and then another.
  • You have to double a cookie recipe just so everyone can have 2 cookies.
  • A casserole takes 3 lasagna pans for one meal.
  • You teach the lactation specialist and midwife a thing or two.
  • When you need to buy the family flu medicine, by the time the family is over it, you’ve spent $100!
  • Illnesses go through the family and take 3 months to complete the circle

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