Summer Baking

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Social Have you considered how good cinnamon rolls are on a summer morning? Or have you considered the delightfulness (my own word) of baked bread or a roast on a hot summer’s evening? Ah! I know… I sounds NUTS! But consider it a moment! What a nice break from the salad fare!

We have enjoyed some of these delights recently by using one of these ovens that are portable. We place it out on our deck, so the heat doesn’t affect the home.


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  1. Sandy in Mich.

    We are kindred spirits. I have to laugh at your, “you know your a big family when,” and we only have eight children!
    I use my roaster more in the summer than winter. I set mine up in the garage…on hubby’s table saw!

    Meatloaf is great in there. You can make three large ones.

  2. Leave it to our dear McLean family to find a summer use for this big kitchen item…makes me feel better for having one…Thanks for your wonderful website!

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