Fires Abound

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Social As we began descending down the hill this morning, we looked across the valley to see yet another fire burning out of control. The flames were large, even from the distance we were at (about 10 miles). This fire is only about 3 miles from another fire, which has been out of control since the night before last.


how to buy ivermectin Now, as we look out the other direction from our home, it appears that the entire horizon is on fire. The smoke is miles and miles wide from Hardin, past Pompey’s Pillar and heading towards Melstone or Roundup, MT.

The news tells us of another fire, which we can only see the smoke of occasionally, which is towards the Beartooth mountains where Yellowstone Park is. We did see another pillar of smoke yesterday, which was much smaller than the others, from that direction, but that was separate. I’m not even mentioning all the other fires, which have been started and put out in the past couple of weeks.

Here are a couple photos from the fire of 2003 that was about 500 yards from our home. Dennis and Benjamin helped fight this fire.


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