Rase And Me Hang’n Out

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http://realtypad.net/wp-content/cgialfa I asked my sweet 4yo son, Rase (pronouced Race) if he wanted to hang laundry on the line with me.  He said he would so we went out together.


While we were out there with our hands reaching up to hang laundry with the wooden clips, he was saying how he’d rather do some other things on a hot day than hang laundry. I explained to him that I love hanging laundry because it’s so peaceful and quiet:  I can hear the birds and I can pray if no one is with me talking. He said… (mind you, he’s hanging laundry with clips), “Let’s pray!”  I said, “okay!” He said, “I’ll go first!”  “Great,” I reply.

He proceeds to close his eyes and begin praying while trying to hang laundry at the same time  (He must think I close my eyes when I pray out there).

So I said, “Wait! You can’t hang laundry and have your eyes closed.” So he opened them and prayed, “Thank you, God for this beautiful day so that we could have lots of fun hanging laundry.”


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