I’ve Been Published!

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isotretinoin purchase without prescription If you know me very well, you will know that I am a huge Don Aslett fan! He has written books such as

buy prednisone online usa Clutter's Last StandClutter’s Last Stand (a must for every home), Is There Life After Housework,

among other books.  His most recent work is HELP! Around the House. A mother’s Guide to Getting the Family to Pitch in and Clean Up.

I am on his mailing list for his “Clean Report” newsletter, which you may sign up for at his website, http://www.cleanreport.com/ A little over a year ago, he asked, “how do you get your kids to help clean?” If he chose to use your submission, he’d send a book. Well, yesterday was the day! I received my book. And right on the inside, he signed it, Ruth, Good Cleaning, Don Aslett. ’06. I know… it’s hard not to be jealous.  Heh heh

You can find me on page 34, at the bottom.  Check out how clever I was to end up in his book:

“How do we get our kids to declutter? This one is easy for me! I had my teenagers read your books! Before my oldest daughter had even completed the second chapter of Clutter’s Last Stand, she was cleaning the dreaded closets, kitchen shelves, and storage rooms in our home! We finally got together and used each other as motivators. I’d sip my coffee and she’d read me a chapter. We’d both be motivated and ready to go take on the day … until the next coffee break. Hey! Those sessions can be grueling and emotionally challenging!”

And… to top it all off, In the back, my name is published
for all to see what a clutter I truly am! Wouldn’t my mother be proud?


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  1. Sandy in Mich.

    I love Don Aslett too. He has taught me alot. My older kids read over our “Clutters Last Stand,” until it fell apart. The younger kids have missed a hilarious comentary on cleaning. I guess I’d better get another one.

    You go Ruth!


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