Too Busy To Blog


Pārsābād Huffing and puffing trying to catch up! Since I have been away, we’ve been picking chokecherries and canning syrup, freezing corn, shipping books, taking kids to and from work, celebrating our Abigail’s first birthday (!), dealing with attorneys, visiting a couple sick friends in hospitals, hauling water (remind me to share sometime about hauling water), hauling wood, making trips to the post office, paying bills, vending at the farmer’s market, etc., etc., etc.

I still have to finish freezing the corn and carrots and do more chokecherry syrup. YUM!

We are going to be entertaining our next door neighbors tomorrow afternoon.  They are new neighbors on their second marriage.  She is from England and has a beautiful accent.  She flew over to England to pick up her teenage daughter and a friend and brought them back here to stay for 5 weeks (this is the length of their summer break).  Then she will be accompanying them back to England.  The teenage girls brought us a box of “fudge” from England.  They came up on horseback, to the little ones’ delight.  Their accents were so thick, it was nearly impossible to understand them.  As Anne stood at the house doorway, she noted they sounded as thought they were speaking another language.

So tomorrow, if everyone is well, we will have them for lunch.  They told us that it would be very delightful.

For this morning, though, I am trying to enjoy my coffee and do some catching up.  This included passing through my blog and sharing only a glimpse of life at our home.  Busy as always.  I will try to get back another time to share about Abby’s doctor appointment and various other sundries…oh yes..and share our hauling water photos.


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