Revised Created book?


buy Seroquel without a prescription online I figured out that we have sold about 500 Created To Be His Helpmeet books! Amazing!  I think a lot has to do with the fact that we have added a mere $1 to the base cost and that $1 goes towards ladies who cannot afford part or all of the cost for a book at CMOMB.

Clomiphene and high order multiples A few boxes ago, as I opened them, I noticed the cover was darker than normal.  I also observed the spine has a photo of Debi and Michael, which the other copies did not.  So I flipped open to the printing information and it read like this:

First Printing: December 2004 – 30,000
Second Printing: March 2005 – 30,000
Third Printing (revised): May 2005 – 30,000

When I emailed them, this is what they said:

“The revisions are minor. I think there was a couple of scriptures that were listed wrong and she added a couple of sentences to clarify the head covering controversy and some other minor misspellings and grammar changes. Nothing major but enough for the Library of Congress to force us to call it a revision.”


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