A bead in the nose is worth 2 hours in the doc’s office

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Acilia-Castel Fusano-Ostia Antica If you have emailed me in the last few days, I have, more than likely, not read your email yet.  I am quite backed up.  Thanks for understanding!

regeneratively Ah well….another trip to the doctor’s.  At least it wasn’t the ER this time!  This time, my 3yo got a pretty little purple bead stuck in his nostril.  Why do kids do this?

They almost had to send us to an ear/nose/throat doctor because it was stuck so far!  They finally called in the doctor that had performed the circumcision on Rase to give it a try.  We joked…maybe he’ll recognize him.  Considering that Rase has only ever been to the doctors once before in his life, he did quite well.

My biggest regret…I wish I hadn’t of let them give him a sucker (for being good).  Really…he should not have been rewarded for the predicament he got himself in.

On a side note…Rase is child #9.  I felt pretty silly when they asked me his birth date and I couldn’t remember!  Am I getting old, or is it mommy brain?


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