Cmomb’s Tenth Anniversary Chat

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CMOMB’s 10th Anniversary Chat With special guest chatter Skeet Savage author of Homeschooling For Eternity Founder of Wisdom’s Gate and Editor of The Home School Digest, An Encouraging Word, and Brush Arbor Quarterly magazines. She has been homeschooling since 1970 … Continued

Kid Power

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Kid power. You see it on television, we hear it on radio, even… and most especially christian radio!!!! It’s where the biblical roles within the family structure have been twisted completely backwards! God’s Way: DadMomChild Culture’s Way: Child (Smartest, proved … Continued

Fruit and Vegetable Strainer

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I was recently reminded of my Victorio Food Strainer & Sauce Maker and thought it would be grand to share this nifty kitchen appliance with you. I own the one in this photo. My thoughtful mother in law gave it … Continued

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