Time For An Update

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Someone recently asked me on my blog, Call this a daft question, but you announced last March that you were expecting again, and I just realized (duh!) that you can’t still be pregnant!! Did I miss something????”  Hanging my head … Continued

Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining A Home

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Emilie Barnes shares some fantastic ideas from a biblical perspective. Between her and Don Aslett, my home has come a long way! No! It’s not even NEAR perfection, but I probably wouldn’t like it that way, anyway.  But, because of … Continued

You Know You Are A Large Family When…

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You know you are a large family when … People mistake your oldest daughter as the mother when they don’t see you. Changing diapers, baths and clothes is like an assembly line. The family quits drawing names for Christmas because … Continued

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