Blonde Brownies

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4 1/2 cups flour 5 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. salt 3 1/2 cups packed brown sugar 1 1/2 cup (three sticks) butter or margarine, softened 6 large eggs 2 tsp. vanilla extract 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate morsels Preheat oven … Continued


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cubed bread garlic (lots) melted butter pepper other spices Mix the spices in the butter, pour over bread and toss. Bake on a low heat for a long time until it’s brown. We like to use up bread crusts this … Continued

Cocoa Continental

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2 TBS. cocoa 3 TBS. sugar 1/8 tsp. salt 1/2 c. hot water 2 c. milk (fake or real) Mix cocoa, sugar, salt and water together in a sauce pan. Bring to boil over low heat and boil two minutes, … Continued


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7 bananas One 13.5 oz can cocoa nut milk 1 gallon orange juice in pitcher Drink 2 ‘big’ cups of orange juice (to make room for everything else). In a blender, blend cocoa nut milk and bananas with a little … Continued

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