Hair Part I

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Perbaungan This is the first part of a series about our experiences cutting both girls’ and boys’ hair.  I cut all the girls hair, but when I want mine cut, Dad does it for me. My last haircut was August, 2013. … Continued

Etiquette I

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This is an excerpt from the Ladies’ Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness by Florence Hartley. This book was published in 1860. I have always loved old books and writing styles. I thought it would be interesting to share … Continued

Herb Gardening

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Clockwise from top: C. Zeolights, Chamomile, C. Resina  My first attempt at herb gardening was about 5 years ago. We had just had some horse manure put on our garden. Unfortunately, it was still a bit hot, so none of … Continued

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