Fixed Photo Frame…. Glass

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Thrift store frames and broken glass.

gracefully We have moved. No, I mean… we have really, really moved. If you count the week in the motel and the week in a church basement, we moved six times in two years. What a ride! But that is a whole ‘nuther story, but brings me to today. We have had almost all our belongings in storage for a very long time. When you move, things break. I have a lovely tri-fold photo frame. The glass broke in all three parts of the frame. I went to the thrift store and purchased three frames of the same size for .66, .66, and .99 cents, respectively. I simply removed the glass from the thrift store finds, cleaned them, and put them into my old frames. Ta da! That’s it! Easy and inexpensive. Why, I bet you could do this, too!

New, to me, glass. Anyone recognize that couple?

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