The Red Quilt

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San Lorenzo de Esmeraldas Last week, I finished hand quilting the very red quilt for my son, Benjamin. This is number five in my quest to learn how to quilt. I will share more about my previous projects in later posts.

I didn’t spend much time on making the top blocks into anything particularly interesting, but decided to spend my energies and time on the hand quilting.

She works with her hands in delight.

I didn’t dare attempt such a large project until I had already dabbled with some hand quilting on a smaller project previously, a table runner.  I enjoyed it so much, I thought I would give it a try, knowing it would be a much bigger project than I had attempted in many years. My only regret is that I didn’t use cotton/bamboo batting. Instead, I used wool, which was quite warm to work with until the weather was a bit cooler.

Here are a couple photos of the table runner I am referring to:


The back

Here is an image of the back of the quilt. To make it more interesting, I used a few of the squares from the front and laid them out in a row, with space between. I used the backing for the binding. That made it simple, but looks very nice. This image is when I appliqued the square to the back.


When hand quilting, one tends to go through a lot of needles, due to getting bent. I only went through a mere 120, which really isn’t a lot, compared to what many hand quilters go through.

notions red quilt2

These notions were my best friends for a few months:

red quilt notions

I also used, what is called, finger cots (not pictured) on my right thumb. They helped me to grip the needle when pulling on it to draw it out from the stitches. I don’t know what I would have done without those. The use of them was the brilliant idea of my mother-in-law.

Of all the needles I tried, my favorites are the John James Gold’n Glide Big Eye Quilting Needles, size 10.

I am starting two new projects. One is a lattice-looking quilt for one of my daughters; the other involves handwork, because I have really enjoyed that aspect. That quilt is known as Grandmother’s Garden, using hexagons. I will share about those in other post, as well.

I was pleased to hear my son’s report, after his first nights’ use of the new quilt, that it worked as it was intended.

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