Raising Maidens of Virtue…. Updated!


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where can i purchase disulfiram From the beginning of Raising Maidens of Virtue, Stacy McDonald sets the tone; the anticipation level rises in expectation to be encouraged for women both young and old in raising the bar in godliness and purity. I always enjoy reading Stacy McDonald’s material and Raising Maidens of Virtue met my expectations. I expected a lot and I got it!

What I appreciate about Stacy the most is that she is a straight shooter with a clear message of grace and truth. She has an eloquent and articulate voice for women seeking godliness, while tactfully, and lovingly, causing each of us to examine ourselves in such areas as selfishness, root sin issues, and more.

Stacy respectfully recognizes the structure of authority and begins teaching and exhorting each of us far beyond the “appearance of godliness.” She causes the reader to reach deeper to the foundation, reminding us that, “A woman with an unchaste heart will remain an unchaste woman regardless of what she wears until God convicts her of her sin, she repents, and the transforming work of Jesus creates in her a clean heart.”

This study, Raising Maidens of Virtue, gives a beautiful example of a balanced view of modesty and chastity, which is a refreshing, and yet, world-shattering message that, in itself, could revolutionize our homes and our local fellowships from the inside out. A mother could go through this study with her daughter today, and the message would be just as pertinent and timely in the future when the same woman goes through the study with her daughters-in-laws and granddaughters.

With gracefulness, older women are given the groundwork, the blueprints, to teach younger women. In fact, I would recommend any woman, whether single, widowed, with young daughters, or older daughters to read this study so that they may be equipped, as with a tool, along with their Bibles, to teach and encourage younger women, and disciple maidens of virtue, rather than waiting until problems arise and then trying to head off wrong worldly thinking when it is almost too late.

Stacy McDonald’s Raising Maidens Virtue contains foundational concepts. The earlier you can inculcate these truths into your daughters, the better.


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