Easy Peach Cobbler

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Punganūru I am excited to share this recipe with you today. Not only did my mother make this when I was a kid, but better than that, it is so simple, so fast and so good! It will knock your socks off! Let’s get started!

mail order Lyrica My family knows I am a caption kind of gal, but let me be sure to start with a couple things:

  • Please do us all a favor and wash your hands.
  • Tools you will need:  Cutting board, knife, a large bowl for the slices, a smaller bowl for the garbage, a glass bake pan (9×13)
  • Ingredients you will need: One yellow box cake mix, about 8 large peaches, one cube of butter (1/2 cup) chilled, shortening to grease pan (spray oil will do).
  • A nice hot oven preheated to 350º.
Let's wash about 8 large peaches.
... and slice them.
See how nicely that pit comes free from the peach meat? That's what we call "free stone." It makes life so much easier when handling these lovelies! Be sure to choose free stone peaches.
Peel. If the peach is nice and ripe, the peel will come off easy as you please.


If it is not ripe, it will be stubborn and more difficult to work with and you may have to use a paring knife to cut the peeling off.
Slice 'em up!
Now try to have self-control not to snitch them!
Grease up your baking pan. I especially like glass for this dessert.
Pour the peaches into the prepared dish.
Time for the yellow cake mix. Any brand will do. In my opinion, the least expensive, the better in this case!
Evenly sprinkle the cake mix over the peaches.
See how easy this is so far? Even a small child could help with this project.
Don't let the lighting fool you! It's the same dish LOL
Let's get that butter from the refrigerator. Here it is in all its glory.
Slice the butter.
Lay the pats all over the dessert.
Can you imagine trying to do with with soft butter? Not!
Oops! This piece is a little too large. Let's just divide it... then conquer!
Make sure the pieces of butter are not too big. Lay them out evenly.
Ohhhh this is gonna be good!
Time to go into the preheated oven.
Bake 20 minutes or until it is golden.

Enjoy it warm or save it for later when it is cooled down. Vanilla ice cream is great with this, as well.

I think I missed sharing the photo op on my plate. My mind was elsewhere…. focused on eating! We will be getting some peaches in tomorrow, so maybe I will come back with a final photo… if I can control myself.


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  1. Michele6

    I just prepared this for dessert tonight-my husband will be bringing home vanilla ice cream to go with it! I will let you know how it turned out:)

  2. Yummy! I will have to try that!

  3. Lucy Campbell

    Wow, that was so neat to read, I enjoyed the pictures..looks delicious and easy.

  4. i am so trying this!!!!!

  5. We call that Dump Cake! My father in law taught it to me. You can used canned fruits as well! My husband likes it with blueberries!

  6. yum! I’ve used this method also & it is so easy & delicious.

    Do you know if it works with the gluten free cake mixes? I am exploring options for gluten free, yet I am reluctant to explore with the expensive $4-5 per box for this, plus the cost of peaches!

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