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I was recently reminded of my Victorio Food Strainer & Sauce Maker and thought it would be grand to share this nifty kitchen appliance with you.

I own the one in this photo. My thoughtful mother in law gave it to me many, many years ago and it has served us well!

Let me share a bit why this is one of the nicest appliances a home maker can have:

  • No more dipping tomatoes in scalding water to get the skins off
  • No more cutting out the tomato end (the green part)
  • No more peeling apples to make sauce
  • No more coring, either!
  • No more apple hulls or little black mysterious dots in your sauce
  • This makes beautiful, fine sauce from fruits and vegetables such as squash.

The best tomatoes for sauce are Romas. With this strainer, you do not have to cut them up. Just wash, then send them on through. They fit perfectly through the hole in the top. If you are using a larger item, cut it in pieces. A plunger also comes with the appliance.

And that’s another thing… it doesn’t take electricity to run it. It is very simple to use. Even my kids like to take turns turning the handle.


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  1. Eric Courtemanche

    It is so nice to find anyone who understands that electricity is not the be all of appliances and that sometimes a manual appliance does somethings way better. Thank you for letting us know about this Strainer.

  2. I have one of these, unfortunetly, we wont be using it this year, our garden is not producing very well….

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