A Few Activity Ideas Part 3

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http://iccpaix.org/splash/ Last week, I published this list of ideas for some fun activities to do with your kids. I have another set of them for you. I hope you enjoy!

  • Cut pictures out of catalogs and glue onto paper
  • Make finger puppets from toilet paper rolls. Draw faces and glue yarn on for hair. Use a sheet over a table for a puppet show.
  • Use a long wrapping paper tube to make a slide for small cars, balls or other toys.
  • Make a collage by gluing different kinds of beans, cereal, colored toothpicks, rice, foil, macaroni, etc. onto cardboard.

Shanting I would love to hear about some of the activities you used to do when you were young and the summer seemed long. Leave me a comment and share with us. Let’s share ideas!


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