Are Vaccines Safe?

Social This video series is a must see for those that are planning on having children, for those that have children and even for grandparents, who want the best for their grandchildren.

Ashton-under-Lyne After one of our kids had a bad reaction to vaccines, we began to read. We read several of the books that Mrs. Tocco (who does the video seminar) mentions. The information I read was not what I expected to hear, but it was what we needed to know in order to make informed decisions regarding our childrens’ health.

I wished that someone had come along and shared with us before we immunized. My hope is that, as someone that has been there, done that, learned from it, that I can pass this information along to you.

If you have had negative experiences with vaccinations within your family, please share in my comments section.


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  1. Ruth THANK YOU! I have been spending time watching these vids. I am going to have my DH watch them when he can. I have put off the research long enough, and this lady makes it easy and puts so many great finding together. I feel just by watching her alone, that Vaccines are no longer right for our family. 🙂 I hope DH agrees.

  2. When I began having children, I did what all new moms did & took my kids in for their immunizations. My first two kids did fine with no serious side effects, but my 3rd baby developed asthma within weeks after his 6 m DTP shot. At about 10 yrs of age we had him tested and found large amounts of the vaccines still in his system & it took months to remove it. Now he is 15 & can manage his asthma with diet & natural remedies, but the initial damage of years of asthma RX has been done.

  3. It really makes me wonder if My son is vaccine injured. He has digestive problems that we cannot get to the complete bottom of to this day (he’s 3). I and my sister have been hypoglycemic since we were very young. Very interesting but freaky to think about.

  4. Thanks for reposting this Ruth. It has helped myself and a lot of my friends. 🙂

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