My Mom’s Memoirs Part 6

Social For the explanation of these posts, and all other entries from my mom, please go here. Dearest Children,

Now there are three of you. When I first started this, it was letters to a daughter, now there are two more of you to write to. I haven’t much to write, except somehow to convey the happy glow I feel this morning. I am truly grateful to God for our happy family. God is so good! Each age you grow into is a good age. Laurie is such a sweet age, overflowing with school, best friends. You are such a companion for me. We can do things together. We talk, “woman to woman.” I love this. Lawrence is the spice with his love for everyone. And Ruth is a refreshing doll in our household. I used to think two or three years old was ideal, but now I know each age is satisfying.


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  1. So sweet to see how happy your mama was and how much she loved you.

    I hope my girls enjoy the journals I’ve been keeping for them.

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