Miss Elle Turns 1

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Huaraz September 4th was Elle Janie’s birthday, but we didn’t celebrate it until a couple weeks ago. We are in the depths of Birthday season in the McLean household, so juggling celebrations is a challenge.

buy cytotec without prescription Elle Janie!
She was pointing at her cake! She liked the candle!

Elle Janie!
Goofy one of her pointing!

Elle Janie!

Elle Janie!
She thought it was so fun!

Elle Janie!
She’s laughing, not blowing!

Elle Janie!
She’s seen birthdays for other people, so she thought it was cool to have one of her own!

Thank you, Anne, for letting me plagarize. Be sure to visit Anne and thank her, too.


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  1. She looks very happy in those pictures. =]]

  2. Awww… she is so adorable! How sweet! She reminds me of LillieGirl! 🙂 I love her smile. What a beauty!


  3. i love the second to bottom!

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