How To Live On Beans and Rice For a Week, almost

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Soak pinto beans overnight, drain, put in fresh water and cook all day. Make lots for leftovers, but use a big pot and watch that water!

In the evening, drain and set a few cups aside for one meal.

Add a can of tomato something, garlic, chili powder, cumin, and lots of salt to make chili. You can also add hamburger if you want to. We serve with chopped onion and shredded cheese. We have also enjoyed it in bread bowls that we made.

The next day, take the leftovers and smash them. If they are too juicy, run them through the food processor (the blade) and make refried beans to have as nachos with more cheese, onion, lettuce, sour cream.

The next night, have homemade pizza with sauce, any kind of cheese, and anything you can find to put on it, even if it’s just hamburger…or just cheese!

The next night, take the remainder of the smashed, seasoned beans and have burritos.

The next day, take out the beans that were set aside and add something tomatoey (my own word), but don’t make it runny, lots of salt, cumin and make some hush puppies or corn bread. Serve the beans over.

The following day, make up some macaroni. Throw all the leftover beans in with the drained macaroni then add cheese. If it needs thinning, ad a bit of water or tomato something. Wha la! Chilimac! To stretch it, make a bisquick topping and spread it over the whole thing.

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