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Social In my garage, I have a huge prize that I thought I’d share today. My boys did a lot of labor in order to bring this baby home for us. It’s beautiful! It’s a restaurant-grade Vulcan stove range!

buy isotretinoin in canada This thing is mammoth! It needs a lot of cleaning up!!! It has 2 ovens, side by side. There are only 2 burners, which are in the center with 2 huge griddles on both sides. The splash guard comes with and includes a warming shelf above. The below photos is the closest I could find. It is iron like the old fashioned cook stoves, and ready for propane.
This is something we would have for years to come! It means we get to go back to having hash browns! It means… we get to sit down and actually eat fresh pancakes together… or bake multiple pizzas at the same time, instead of a lot of waiting!

The biggest problem now is finding a place to put it!  We have to tear something up to install it.
It is very heavy! We don’t have a place to set it up right now. We’d have to maybe add onto our kitchen so it could be on a cement floor. Our kitchen floor would would not handle it!  We are considering waiting until we move, which we are hoping to do sometime in the future.

Thanks for looking!


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