And Now, You May Walk Into The Kitchen

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buy Clomiphene testosterone Monday was Miss Abigail’s 4th Birthday. With that big event, came the privilege for her to get to go onto the front entryway and go into the kitchen. We train our little ones for boundaries.

Checking out the kitchen.

Now you are probably wondering what these whacked out people are doing by not letting their crawling babies and toddlers into the kitchen and onto the entryway. What’s up with that? That’s a good question! There are snakes in them thar parts! Our front door is left open most of the summer. There are too many ways in which a little one could be in danger if they wandered out by themselves.

Have you ever had a toddler try to “help” you by cleaning up and throwing away their shoes, toys, and what not? Have you become exasperated when the little ones get into cupboards? Have you had close calls when they are under foot and you are carrying a heavy boiling pot of potatoes across the room to drain? Yikes! This can all be avoided with training.

Maybe this put a new idea into your mind. Maybe not. Are there areas in which you wish your babies and toddlers didn’t have access to? Do you put up baby gates or train? I’d love to hear from you.

The little ones do, indeed, go into the kitchen, but they are always carried by someone to their seat.

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