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Gyula Yesterday, in this post, I shared a little about Azure Standard, a company that supplies businesses and co-ops with whole foods, grains, supplements and more. Today, I am going to share some of my favorite products.

buy Aurogra When I started with Azure, I didn’t have a wheat grinder, so I bought my flour from them.  They have everything a person could want for all types of diets. Much of it, ifAzure Standard not most, is grown on their own farm, Azure Farms. They carry wheat berries, oats, barley and corn for grinding.

prescription Quetiapine Their seed, nut, and dried fruit assortment has been perfect for making granola and trail mix, along with their oats. We have very large bins in our pantry for large quantities of certain items such as flour, oats, sugar, rice, chocolate chips and dried beans. 🙂

order isotretinoin mastercard Early in my relationship with Azure, my orders included additions to my kitchen arsenal. Cookie sheets, pizza pans, and lasagna pans, to name a few. They are stainless steel, which lasts forever. We’ve been using ours for over 12 years now and they hold up so well. The prices at Azure are very good. This is an investment, indeed. Metal bowls were also a must.  At that time, I had 5 children and our growing family was outgrowing my mixing bowls. Plus, if one wants to make bread, or anything else, in large quantities, at least one of these bowls are a must.

http://gwadarcentral.com/outdated/excess432662.used I found that they have a super selection of books that appeal to me and my family’s health. Books such as The Encyclopedia of Country Living, How To Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor, Midwifery and Herbs, Prescription For Nutritional Healing, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause, books on vaccinations that got me to thinking, and many more, which are no longer listed. Perhaps I will share some of my favorite books in detail later.  We also found some books that work well with our home schooling. They are The Story of Liberty, Sweet Land of Liberty and the Boys of ’76, written by Charles C. Coffin. These are now required reading for our kids to be considered graduated from our homeschool.

Moving right along… Azure’s prices on baking products such as yeast, baking powder, garlic, and sea salt are good.  Anne to add amino acids in our meals, which is not only healthy, but improves the taste of the foods. I also have come to really enjoy brewer’s yeast on my popcorn, both of which I buy from Azure.

When I place my orders, I make a point to check out the current prices on produce, as I have found some very good buys, such as organic oranges for .65/pound.

I can do so much shopping without having to run to the grocery store.  This saves time and money.


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