Cmomb’s Anniversary Chat

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Le Hochet CMOMB’s


Anniversary Chat with

Stacy McDonald


Jennie Chancey


Cogan Monday, October 22nd 4pm Pacific, 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern

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Stacy is the thankful wife of Pastor James McDonald, the contented mother of ten children, and a soon to be first-time grandmother. Mrs. McDonald is also author of the popular new book, Passionate Housewives Desperate for God and Raising Maidens of Virtue: A Study of Feminine Loveliness for Mothers and Daughters. She has been blessed with the opportunity to teach women around the globe on issues relating to the roles of a wife and mother, homeschooling, and Christian decorum. Stacy and her husband, along with their children, reside in Central Illinois and operate Family Reformation┬« ministries, dedicated to the reformation of the Christian family. Please visit Stacy’s blog to gain continued encouragement in your role as a wife and mother.

Jennie is the wife of Matthew Chancey and the happy mother of eight children, whom the Chanceys homeschool. When not cramming lots of reading into “spare” moments, she enjoys playing with her children, sewing, traveling with her family, and contemplating the mysteries of God’s amazing universe. Jennie edits, a site which brings together writers from all over the world to expose the damaging effects of feminism and celebrate the beauties of biblical womanhood. She also owns the successful home-based Sense & Sensibility Patterns, begun when she was a newlywed to inspire women to embrace their femininity.


If you want to share this with a friend, they will have to make application in order to be there. If you do recommend someone to join, please let them know their opportunity to get in is better sooner than late in order to secure membership in time.


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