We Were Someone’s Science Project

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buy real provigil A local homeschool mom, who I don’t know very well, tracked us down to be a part of her kids’ science project for the science fair.

http://vantagehsi.com/care-giving-101-ways-care-person-alzheimers/ She was looking for a couple large families and a set of identical twins. We had the only identical twins around that they could find.

Anyway, we went to their home and their little girl, who was just darling, and recently turned 7, asked each of us to hold out our right index finger while she rolled them onto the ink pad then onto the square of paper, which was labeled with our names on the back.

They explained that they found out there are 3 major types of fingerprints:


They were interested to test their hypothesis that my identical twins would have the same or similar prints. I already knew they wouldn’t from reading my HAVING TWINS book, but that’s okay. Although they did turn out to be different, they were still similar. One of my other daughters had and “island”, which I guess is a subcategory of the swirl, while another had a combination arch and loop.

For fun, I found a website for you to check out if you are interested.



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