DIVE Into Math With Saxon

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http://ashmann.uk/digital-2/mapping-leeds/ We have been using D.I.V.E. into Math CD’s with Saxon for several years now. It took me awhile before I broke down, spent the money and purchased several of them. I am so glad I did! They are working really well!

http://cakebysadiesmith.co.uk/blog/neptune-event/ Let me tell you about them! This fellow uses media player to make your computer screen into a white board where he draws out and diagrams math problems. He follows the Saxon books’ lessons. I’m sure I’m not saying this clearly. Basically, when a child is ready to do a lesson, they sit down at the computer, bring up the lesson on the D.I.V.E. CD, and listen as the man explains things. They can stop it, back up, and replay. You don’t see the man, just hear him. No bells and whistles…but certainly makes learning it easier. When the lesson is done being explained, the child goes to their lessons in the book and works them. I have found that when my children do the tests, I can see if they need to go back.

Also, this man gives his testimony, educational background, and an exhortation to the children to do well in school and why. At the beginning of some of his lessons, he encourages the kids again to do well, obey their parents, etc….just briefly.

Here is the website. I telephoned them to make sure I was using the right version of Saxon with the right CD. I spoke with the gentleman’s wife. She was very personable. They shipped to me very quickly. http://www.diveintomath.com/


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